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Is there not also a ificant portion of furries that are into bestiality? Throw a rock at a furry convention, and I think probably a third of the time, you'd hit a most likely closet zoophile. I'm not saying this to defame.

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Verix15 Aug UTC. I'm not certain if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but if it's a zoophile chat, then the article at the very least needs additional structure. If it's bad which is how I feel due to redundancy and less information overallthen I think removing the moral arguments altogether would be wise and keeping the focus of the article restricted to the involvement with the furry fandom. If they want to see how it relates to the fandom, they can read this article.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, because for a change, I'm not trolling the zoos. Leam11 July UTC. What I don't get is why zoophiles who have sex with animals make a distinction between themselves and beastlialists. Beastiality is beastiality - which is to say, sex with animals. No matter if someone claims to have some bullshit "spiritual fulfillment" you're still fucking an animal.

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There's a difference between being born with a certain sexual disorder and actually acting up on it. Whether "spiritual attachment" is involved or not, you're still fucking an animal. What are others' opinions on linking zoophilia essays of both POVs : is there such a thing as too many links? I can't help but notice that the definition of zoophilia never clearly states what it is, or how the term is used within furry. This makes the moral arguments rather moot. Within furrydom zoophilia simply means a love zoophile chat animals, and a zoophile is someone who loves animals. It's probably best to apply the same principle we used for toonophiles: a zoophile feels for non-humans in the same way that humans generally feel for each other.

Zoophilia can mean sexual attraction, but one shouldn't assume that is the case if someone tells you 'I'm a zoo'. Many furries are zoos in the non-sexual sense of the word. Some furries are also sexual zoophiles. I suggest that the opening paragraph be changed to reflect this and that within furry the statement "zoophilia is a paraphilia" is false within clinical diagnosis it is true. Dingotush29 March UTC.

I know this is sorely in need of a rewrite, but pointing out which statements are vague would be of enormous help for occasional editors like me. Leam5 June UTC. In contemplating the recent vandalism of the and other, sometimes slightly more maturely expressed views preferring some distance be maintained between Furry culture and and interest in bestiality, I tried to create a more neutral paragraph regarding zoophile chat self-identified zoophiles think about zoophilia and bestiality, which I think was easily misread to say that the views attributed zoophiles were broadly accepted in the fandom, which is at least unclear.

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I don't know how many of you are using other sites or what you've just heard to describe Zoos, but I NEED to fix this. I'm a Zoophile, I do not have sex with animals. Not all zoos are sexually attracted to animals.

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Some only feel emotional love for them the way humans feel emotional love for other humans and would never even dream of having sexual contact with them. I'm fixing the. Not really up on this subject, but that last word just sounded wrong.

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Zoophile chat

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