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Ever since I first started having sex and giving blowjobs I knew that I had a fetish for cum and swallowing cum. I find it erotic, it makes me horny and I love the sensation as the warm liquid oozes itself down my throat.

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The first time I discovered that I loved swallowing cum was when I was giving my first boyfriend a blowjob, he told me he was going to cum and tried pulling up my head, I told him it was fine and to just enjoy it. I had seen cum before I just had never had in my mouth and I wanted to try it. I licked at this shaft bringing him to orgasm and he shot his load into my mouth and I immediately swallowed it up as I kept on licking his dick, swallowing every last drop.

Through my late teens and early twenties, I experimented with all sorts of different things. This party consists of men and women who love cum and who pleasure one another all for that ultimate goal of producing as much cum as they want to and swallowing as much cum as they want to. I entered the private party apprehensive but as soon as I walked through the beaded curtain people came up to me, introducing themselves and making friendly and polite chit-chat.

These were nice people who all loved cum as much as me. There were all sorts of people there, young, old, gay, straight, men, women, couples and although it was only a small group of us there were lots of different interesting people. I tried to find someone that I liked the look of but there were so many to choose from. I sat back and began touching myself, watching him women who love cum himself. I noticed others not women who love cum our group watching us and touching themselves.

The two other guys just sat watching us, touching themselves vigorously. I was having so much fun. The guy who was inside of me beckoned over one of the other guys and he took his place inside of me and the guy who was inside of my mouth moved so that the other guy could have a turn. As he finally managed to push himself inside of me, he also slipped his finger into my tight ass and I moaned. The deeper he thrust inside of me, the deeper I sucked and licked the penis in front of me.

As I pushed them into my mouth I could taste their pre-cum, I knew they were all on the edge. The first guy started to cum inside of my mouth and he came so hard, so much cum was oozing down my throat and all I could do was soak it up with my tongue and enjoy the warm sensation. I smiled up at him as the guy next to him began to cum, I placed my mouth around the head of his penis to take in the last bits of cum, he grabbed my head and thrust me deeper onto his shaft. I dipped my finger into the warm liquid and tasted it, it was amazing.

We all cleaned ourselves up and I knew I would be back to the next week, it was my kind of place. I love my boyfriend when he finishes women who love cum my body and inside me. You have allowed me to feel confident explore myself. Wow it is amasing such a raw and hot story the girl knows what she wants and she gets it love it love the story. I am a different Rachel, but I must admit. I love sucking dick a lot and I love cum. I love it when I make a hot guy moan and unload a huge load of warm thick cum inside my mouth or all over my face.

Just love it. Racheal, I love a women who loves cum see I also love cum and love kissing the women once I cum in there mouth the taste is amazing xx. Dont apologize for it its completely natural for a woman to want cum its how we are able to give life I have a special appreciation for women who love cum that way. I would like to say to all you ladies that although a good blow job feels incredible.

When you allow that Vick to com in your mouth the intensity of his orgasm is multiplied immensely. This story is amazing, first time I came in my girlfriends mouth was her birthday. I had served her breakfast in bed and as we finished she said she fancied a dessert and went on to give me a blowjob that blew my mind and as I was about to cum she grabbed on to me and shot a big load in her mouth and she swallowed and looked at me and thanked me! It was her birthday but I got the best present. And since that day she loved me cumming in her mouth. Thanks I love to read all of thisit makes me so hard and I love to jerk off and cum all over myself while reading your blogs thanks.

Great story! My wife is quite the swallower as well. I remember the first time we got it on—this was in college and we were both She took me deep in her, used her hands just right and let me watch it all. When it came time for me to cum, I told her I was about to explode, expecting her to take my cock out of her mouth my girlfriend refused to swallowbut she kept my cock in her mouth and then I unleashed.

She pumped every last drop out of me and then swallowed the whole load and loved it. I love when my woman takes it all to the face. I have read all of the blogs. I keep searching for more different ones lol I want to know where these type of parties are at. I want to go. Only had a few girls who would allow me to cum in their mouths.

One was pregnant and she thanked me for feeding her baby. Wife only has done it a couple of times but never since we got married. Love women who are truly into this and lucky to have had a few in my time. My first true love liked it so much it kinda spoiled me re others after that! A load in her mouth and continued sucking for another immediately. And got it! Even drooling it and cleaningvit up with their mouths as well.

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Oh my God! Been a lucky fellow by times. Would love to do it again! Very hot! My wife loves to suck cock and swallow cum she enjoy pleasing a man stiff rod, she likes sucking the head and lick it and make a guy moan till he explodes down her throat and month.

Being married it has its benefits to say the least. About 2 weeks ago she laid me on the bed and began giving me some good head my balls where really full because I never busted a nut in almost 2 weeks. While going down on me she began to massage my balls and trust me it felt great. I could feel myself pushing some pre onto her tongue and I knew it was a lot she just kept on gobbling me.

It really depends on her mood if she will swallow my load or not after getting head a while I could feel myself wanting to shoot hot cum in her mouth. She kept stroking and my balls began to tighten some without warning I shot my load hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed as much as she could without losing any and squeezed women who love cum the base up getting the last bit out. Although I do not get head as much as I would like I love it when I do. There is nothing like getting a great blow job I just wish I can get them more often.

If I only had a neighbor haha. I love my husbands cum I love eating it on food or just having it in my mouth. I sick his cock every morning before he leaves for work. We have been married for 10 years and his cum never gets old only better.

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With in the last 2 years he started wearing my thongs. We go shopping together for matching thong undies I love. I love seeing his 8 inch cock in VS pink thongs. Anyways I I have always love the tast of cum since I was in the Marines. Thank you for this.

I love a good blow job and my wife only swallowed twice.

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Once while I was negotiating a switchback at 55mph. Now she gets up and shoots it out in a towel, returns to suck a little more and done. Recently got a good-Sunday-morning blow job as we were waking. She always wants to brush her teeth before early blow jobs. That one was special. Hoping to be one of those lucky guys someday. I really dreamed of this kind of sex. Such satistaction for me I hope somebody would give me those satisfaction even once.

But when I shot my load I lose interest. But could give and take a load I believe. Hi my name is Tina me and my husband have been married for 10 years. Almost every morning before I go to work out I give my man a blow job I love eating his cum as much as I can. His cock his 9 inches and I love feeling it grow In my mouth when he is sleeping.

We love exploring each other and finding new ways to turn each other on.

Women who love cum

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