Women being milked

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This targeting of children by the dairy industry is not new, even if, evolutionarily speaking, drinking the bodily secretions of another species is.

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Set against theyear history of our species, drinking milk is a relatively new habit. Before about 10, years ago, hardly anybody drank milkand then only on rare occasions. It was in that local education authorities in the UK were permitted to provide children with free milk. He stated that the nutritional benefits of school milk were debatable, possibly even negative in those areas where it replaced other foods, but noted that the dairy industry did well, creating new markets at a time of depression. Many may not realise that, even today, when childhood obesity is one of the greatest challenges facing us, the government still subsidises milk for children.

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This means that the products can be sold to school children at a lower price. Schools must offer drinking milk before they can supply other eligible milk products or yoghurts. The Nursery Milk Scheme allows early years settings and schools to claim back the cost of providing one drink of milk per day to all children under the age of five. However, the true cost of dairy produced by commodifying sentient animals is harder still to calculate.

Industrial livestock production contributes to impaired human health, overuse of antimicrobials, environmental degradation, greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity and wildlife and very poor animal welfare.

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Thus fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides can flow into the water supply, for water companies to clean up — and for the water companies to charge their customers accordingly. Slurry and agricultural effluents can leach into the water systems. Land is drained to force off flood waters for others to cope with. Carbon is emitted from the soils without paying a carbon price. Overuse of antibiotics drives up the costs to health care as antibiotic resistance builds up … biodiversity has been reduced without consequences to the farmers who have caused it.

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The dairy industry is huge, with around million dairy cows currently in the system. In order to provide milk, like all mammals, a cow has to be pregnant and to give birth. The usual method uses forced impregnation of restrained cows via artificial insemination. This process is usually highly traumatic for such maternal mammals.

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Most male calves are killed at or soon after birth, or raised for a short time before being killed in order to produce veal. The females usually face the same bleak lives as their mothers-until they are unable to produce enough milk to be profitable to the industry, when they too will be sent to slaughter. Numerous scandals of truly barbaric treatment of animals on dairy farms have been regularly exposed-the most recent being the undercover filming of dairy farms throughout the UK over an 18 month period by the campaign group Surge.

The footage shows scenes of appalling cruelty towards newborn calves and their mothers. The campaign is DismantleDairy and the shocking abuse, which was documented on every single farm where cameras were placed, can be viewed online. We are in a climate emergency.

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The environmental impacts of dairy farming are horrendous. According to the US Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Services, dairy operations can use upwards of gallons of water per day per cow in total, including the water used for drinking and cleaning, and whilst this may be lower on less intensive systems, the efficiency costs are shocking. Each cow produces on average 37 kilos of waste every single day. Every nutrient found in milk is available from plants, and the targeting of children and their parents is a particularly odious tactic used by the dairy industry to secure their own profits and future.

None of the health risks of milk are mentioned, nor the cholesterol, saturated fat, somatic cell counts pus limits allowed in milk. Of particular concern for example is the insulin-like growth factor 1 IGF-1 which occurs naturally in milk and has been linked to several cancers in women being milked.

Dairy farming costs us all in one way or anothereven if you personally eschew dairy in your diet. The environment, the health costs both to individuals and the state, the subsidies we all pay to this industry through the tax system. It is frankly unbelievable that the government subsidises an environmentally damaging, unnecessary product and aids the dairy industry in seeking to secure its future profits using children.

The cost to us all is far too high to continue with this archaic system which targets the most vulnerable.

Women being milked

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