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The story of the impossible love between a schoolgirl and a sixty-year-old painter. Sarah Norton : Have you thought about going to bed with me? Ashley St. Clair : Yes. Sarah Norton : [walks over to the bed] Let's. Clair : Obviously, no. Sarah Norton : Why? Is it because you think I'm a virgin? Because if you think I am Clair : You are.

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Sarah Norton : I am. In. Original title: Circle of Two. Director Jules Dassin.

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Top credits Director Jules Dassin. Photos Top cast Edit. Norma Dell'Agnese Ruspoli as Ruspoli. Donann Cavin Smitty as Smitty. Richard Burton Ashley St. Clair as Ashley St. Robin Gammell Mr. Norton as Mr. Patricia Collins Mrs. Norton as Mrs. Michael Wincott Paul as Paul. George Bourne Sr. Old Man as Old Man. Bibi Caspari Mime as Mime.

Gordon Jocelyn Antiquary as Antiquary. Jules Dassin. More like this. Storyline Edit. In Toronto, the fifteen-year-old student and aspirant writer Sarah Norton meets the sixty-year-old painter Ashley St. Clair in a cafeteria while hiding from her stalker boyfriend Paul. Ashley hasn't painted for ten years. He agrees to read the poems that Sarah has written. They start seeing each other at his studio and Sarah falls in love with him. Ashley feels a platonic love for Sarah that becomes his muse and he decides to paint again.

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Paul spies Sarah in Ashley's studio, and misunderstands their relationship, he attacks her in a cornfield, but she defends herself. Theirs was a love against all odds. Did you know Edit. Trivia The movie was filmed inbut did not debut theatrically until Quotes Sarah Norton : Have you thought about going to bed with me? The advertising tagline for this version was misleading: "In the tradition of Lolita The storyline, originally from Balzac's French novel, was not about a doomed "obsession" as in Stanley Kubrick's "Lolita", but about a love that knows no boundaries and one that rejuvenates the older painter.

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The American distributor who re-cut it didn't understand the intention of the film, and mistakenly saw it as prurient. This censored version currently circulates on streaming services such as Amazon Prime. Connections Referenced in From Stereo to Video User reviews 20 Review. Top review. A Classic May December Love story. This is a wonderful and tender story about a young woman coming of age and within that, finding a deeper love within her soul with a man who just happens to be older.

The beauty of this tale is there was never a physical relationship between the two but more importantly, this movie shows and demonstrates if this were a perfect work, how pure and blind love can and maybe should be. Tatum played this part perfectly as a young teenage girl falling in love with a man, Richard Burton who showed and gave her respect, love, honesty and trust. Richard plays an out of work painter who was on his last leg when this bright light came into his world.

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This light shined so loudly it overwhelmed him and in doing so, sparked new life into his tired and somewhat forgotten soul. He begins to paint again and thus he is reborn. I personally enjoyed and love what this movie stands for. If you have ever loved and lost and yet never ever forgotten the truth that was there when you felt such powerful and sincere emotions, then this movie is indeed for you. This movie belongs right along with such classics as Roman Holiday, A portrait of Jenny and any movie where color and age are timeless. Details Edit.

Release date November United States. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 46min. Related news. Whatever Works: could Woody Allen's age-gap plots help prolong life? David Cox. Jun 28 The Guardian - Film News. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. Is Circle of Two known by a different name in Canada in English? If yes, what is it known as?

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Tatum o neal topless

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