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I'd rather have a girl in a sundress than anything else any day of the week. Girls look so beautiful in them.

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I am also a fan of tights with a miniskirt. I wear sundresses and flowey skirts every day but the guy Ive most recently been seeing likes when I wear tight fitting dresses or very short shorts, it confuses me. I prefer girls who dress appropriately. I'm not a fan of slut though. Slutty clothes seem to be a shortcut to attention, rather than dressing well. In my opinion, how a girl dresses A girl that is dressed in clean clothes that fit and are appropriate for the situation is a lot sexier than one in a shirt two sizes too small with skin hanging out everywhere.

Confidence in addition to classiness is what I prefer. My two cents of course. Amending my earlier response a bit, due to this reminder - the sexiest thing about any woman or man is attitude. You hold a good opinion of yourself and show it - doesn't matter much what you're wearing. I'm still looking for the original source on this, I still think Reader's Digest about 30 years ago. A friend of Marilyn Monroe went grocery shopping with her. They were both in everyday street clothes. While in the store the friend was a bit surprised that no one seemed to be paying attention to them.

She asked Marilyn why. Marilyn told her that she was out of persona, not acting like a star, then asked if she wanted to see the difference, to which the friend said yes. Marilyn straightened up, put on 'the face' - they were mobbed, the store had to get police in to get things under control. The friend said "It was like she'd turned into a goddess!

When I go into a butcher, I don't go for the meat that's out in the window. Slutty girls reddit might look good, but I'm not taking it home. Which sounds like a pretty crude double-entendre but is slutty girls reddit an analogy. I would be lying if I said I didn't check out girls wearing short skirts, but if I am going to pursue a girl, it's going to be the girl wearing jeans and a hoodie who's over in the corner drinking a coffee and reading a book. Depends on what for. Every guy is different. For me, I dont really notice clothes at all Of course, you've already mentally undressed the girl, so who cares what she's wearing.

In the middle - You need some things to be left to the imagination. Depends, if i'm looking for a girlfriend i wouldn't pick the slutty-looking one, if i'm looking for a one night stand, i'm not too picky. I prefer understated and conservative but sexy.

I like to be able to wonder and anticipate what's hidden, plus the girl looks more classy. There are more than those two choices, it's possible to dress attractively, accentuating to some extent secondary sex characteristics, and still 'be a lady'. Slutty girls reddit like slutty OFF steroids. If i'm a guy who just wants to fuck, i prefer a girl who dresses slutty. If i'm a guy who just wants a LTR, i prefer a girl who dresses conservatively.

It really depends on the girl herself. If she can pull it off, then it's okay to show a little skin. However, if a more layered look fits her more, than that's the way to go. Do guys prefer girls who dress conservative or slutty? Posted by 11 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. I have to agree completely here. Someone who can balance the two is best. I like my women on the trashy side. Depends on how I'm feelin'. That said, slutty attracts my attention. It very much depends on the girl.

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