Sexual knife play

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The world of BDSM and kink is such a diverse place. It includes many forms of play. Techniques like spanking and bondage are well known. Knife play is thought of as a riskier sort of play. And through this risk, it is possibly one of the sexiest things to do with your other half.

You are literally living on the edge if, and when you engage in knife play.

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Knife play is a form of consensual BDSM edgeplay involving knives, daggers, and swords as a source of physical and mental stimulation. Knives are typically used to cut away clothing, scratch the skin, remove wax after wax play, or simply provide sensual stimulation. I would like to thank the owner of twohandsmade. As any of my fellow educators will tell you, nothing is without risk. In fact, the act of brushing your teeth could possibly be lethal.

But playing with knives brings with it a certain amount of risk.

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However, properly educating yourself about knives and knife play will ensure that you will be able to play safely, sanely and with limited risks. That my dear is love. This guide can be your starting point, it is in no way the definitive guide to knife play, and I would advise you to find an experienced knife player in sexual knife play local community to help you out most of them are very willing to teach when you want to put the theory into p ractice.

These activities are regarded by many as inadvisable and dangerous, and best practices indicate that they should not be attempted without proper and extensive training, supervision, safety precautions, etc. As in any kind of kinky play, the first step in wanting to engage in knife play with your partner is preparation.

But to start off with, you and your partner need to talk and discuss what will potentially happen during play, and more importantly the things that should not happen during play. Knife play can be a form of fear play. For example, does your partner have any bad experiences with knives?

Are there any physiological issues that might be relevant? Naturally, also discuss physical aspects. If someone has a condition where blood might not clot correctly or is susceptible to badly healing wounds, playing with sharp items might not be the smartest of moves.

I think you get the gist of what I am telling you here. One last thing though: Never should you ever engage in knife play when you or your partner are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I myself am a bit of a knife-nerd and have been ever since I was 7, obsessed with things sharp and made of steel. I was in absolute bliss when I got my first pocket knife from my parents at the age of As superstition dictates, I had to pay them a penny for it though. Giving someone a knife would be bad luck. This taught me to respect the knives I wield, and up to this day respect, not fear of knives sexual knife play what I think makes me able to use a knife responsibly.

A well-known misconception of knife play is that you need to use a large knife. So a big knife? As I mentioned before using a knife you can control is key. This means not too heavy, not to light, preferably well balanced. And believe it or not, as sharp as you can get it. Also if you use a foldable blade, make sure it locks.

Also get a knife that you will only use for knife play. First of all, make sure that the knife you have in mind is legal in your part of the world.

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Sexual knife play

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