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New Zealander Madeleine Holden was a corporate lawyer, briefly working in London before becoming a features editor in Berlin. Amidst all of those regular life events, something happened that changed everything. BBC Three. Not just any old dick pick — a really, really good dick pic. A rare breed of phallic snap that was not only creatively positioned but also artistically lit — the kind of dick pic that someone might actually want to see. At the moment, Madeleine realised that we should be accepting nothing less, and that something must to done to combat the endless stream of off-putting dick pics strewn across our Snapchat screens.

So that rate my penis same day Madeleine created her own website, and the world became a better place. I'm never going to shame you about the size of your dick or what it looks like I'm trying to help you improve, because in all likelihood your dick pics are artless and dull. It really stemmed from receiving that one great picture, and talking to my friends about how unusual it was. We were joking about how some kind of public service was needed to tell guys what to do and that afternoon I started the Tumblr blog for a joke.

And three years later, here we are!

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Well I get sent between around — pictures a week for review, but I only five a week of the best. It must be making you a fairly steady income — would you consider doing it full time? This is just a sideline thing, not a full time occupation.

I assure you my normal day job as a features editor is completely different! Well the most common mistake is that people zoom in too much on the dick itself. My advice is to approach it as you would any other photo. You want the lighting to be good, to strike a pose, to make sure you look comfortable and inviting — give it some context and artistic flourish. It probably comes down to the ethos.

What do you think inspires your clients to send pictures in, and to pay money for reviews? I think lot of men are just generally quite clueless about what women want to see, and any guidance is genuinely rate my penis. Many are quite uncomfortable about the idea and very insecure, so value the opportunity to get objective help.

Do you feel a responsibility towards those clients to encourage their self confidence? Well I encourage photos from everyone. Yes, all the time! Women really like the site — they want to be involved and be included.

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One that stands out is from a trans woman who was covered in bone fragments, with bones all over her body, mouth and anus. I would never have thought to bring bones into the bedroom, but I applaud her creativity.

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It can be both entertaining and dull at the same time. I think that guards me from unwanted attention.

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In a world of revenge porn and misuse of imagery, do you think your platform plays an important role? I would hope my website is a positive voice because of how often I stress the importance of consent, both in having the permission to take and send photos, as well as knowing a person would want to receive that image.

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Madeleine is happy to laugh at herself and at the site, eager to take a pinch of salt alongside every individual dick pic. Yet with a book on the way, Critique My Dick has not only sparked a clear fascination amongst a varied audience, but also appears to answer a real need. Coercive control: 'I was 16 and thought it was normal'. Non-surgical beauty treatments: Undercover on a facelift training course. Share this:. Copy this link. This article contains some sexual content.

We caught up with her to find out more…. What inspired you to set up the site? How does the site work exactly? So the all-important question — what makes a good dick pic?

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Who are your clients? Do girlfriends and partners ever get involved? Do you see some pretty strange sights? On a personal level, how do you deal with the constant stream of images? Have you ever received any negative backlash? Eating with My Ex. I Am Not A Rapist. Most Popular. Guns and pool parties: Secrets of an IS smartphone. Belle Gibson: The influencer who lied about having cancer. How to masturbate.

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