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We came into the fourth season, and Yunjin expressed an interest in moving on to pursue other projects. She was such a trouper all year, holding in this secret. Was the cast just as flabbergasted when they got the script? No, because this cast has been through a lot.

And we lost Alyssa [Milano] early [at the end of Season 2] and that was a surprise to all of us. Once you absorb that kind of a shock, you can handle anything. Getting to that place, and then a slip-trip-fall death? We wanted her to die heroically. TVLINE With the last two original mistresses, Joss and April, each happily married and with new babies at the end of Season 4, have you painted yourself into a corner in terms of exciting, scandalous arcs for those characters?

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Not at all. We have a pitch for Season 5.

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We are not going to suddenly become a show about April and Joss pushing swings on the playground and chatting about breast milk. We want to make a wide left turn that still allows us to stay true to the characters. We have some real fun planned. And would that character be a series regular?

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We can start a new theory percolating because the Lydia one is not it. This is a summer series, but come on. But [Karen Kim 2.

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We were saddled with this title that either made us or broke us. The title was alienating to what could have and would have been our core audience, who was looking for that group of gals thta they missed from Sex and the City. Who wants to go to the office?

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And Penelope [Ann Miller] is always down for that! Is that a possibility? Oh my God, I want Wilson on the show so badly. I fell in love with him when we worked together on Red Band Society. And who is this rando?! Editorial Who's In? Who's Out?

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