How to tease yourself

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This month we celebrate National Masturbation Month. While society has traditionally stigmatized female masturbation, it's incredibly valuable and is an important form of self-love. And, masturbation has a plethora of psychological and physical health benefits. As Dr. Lauren Streicheran Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University and author of Sex Rx: Hormones Health And Your Best Sex Evertells Bustle, masturbation can do wonders for your well-being: It can help you sleep, ease body aches, relieve stress, and orgasms release the endorphins oxytocin and dopamine, which helps induce a natural high.

Emotionally, Masturbation puts you in a mental space that is conducive to the optimal flowing of your sexual energy.

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Staying in touch with your sexual energy can benefit you as you engage in sexual play. I view masturbation as the time of my day when I can tune out the rest of the world and become physically and emotionally in touch with my emotions and energy. It's a form of physical meditation, and I take the time to ensure that I am in a space that will foster my most pleasurable and mindful experience. I have my own routine for getting myself in the mood for my special me time —I light my favorite apple cinnamon candle, I dim my lights, I silence my phone, I switch on my playlist, and I cuddle up with my wand vibrator and my blanket.

I close my eyes, tease my body, and allow myself to think back, without any inhibition or shame, on my hottest sexual encounters.

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I think of the sizzling hot sex I had the week before, or my fantasy sexual experience. My masturbation time is when I allow myself to truly let go, and I always end it feeling emotionally, spiritually, and physically renewed. In the spirit of National Masturbation Month, here are some ways that you can turn yourself on before you masturbate, because the importance of getting intimate with yourself is so important. Immersing yourself in soothing, silky bubbles or your favorite scent is an act of self-love.

Use this time to warm yourself up by lathering yourself and becoming more familiar with all of the intricacies of your body.

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Because stimulating your body starts with stimulating your mind. For me, getting in the mood starts with feeling beautiful, sexy, and comfortable in my own skin. To me, there is something so wonderful, so personal, about getting dolled up for my eyes and pleasure only.

Wear whatever makes you feel sexiest, whether it's an oversized t-shirt or lacy lingerie. Stimulating your thoughts is integral to getting physically and mentally aroused. You can get your sexual energy flowing by starting a sexting conversation with a partner — or even by looking back at old texts froma sexy convo.

In order to fully experience your physical pleasure, you must be fully present in the moment. Close your eyes and commit yourself to this moment of self-indulgence and love. We all have a sexual experience that still fills our body with electricity whenever it reaches our mind. Close your eyes and allow yourself to return back to those incredible moments of passion and ecstasy. Your own fantasy is unique and personal to you.

Create your own sexual scenario, no matter how wild it may be, and grant your mind the freedom to engage with it.

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Check out Tumblr for your favorite sexy fantasiesand send yourself over the edge. Your "me" time is priceless, and you should take the time to fully enjoy and feel yourself. You deserve it. By Kaitlyn Vagner. A playlist full of slow, sultry tunes can be exactly what you need to get yourself in the mood. This time is all for you, so bring out your amazing toys.

How to tease yourself

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