How to hogtie yourself

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Then you may do so here. Post Reply topic Next topic. Re: self hogtie. Got some advice, yeah. That will be for your wrists, doesn't need to be too tight. Keep that on your wrist, it will be handy. You're going to want to fold it over, creating what is called a byte, or a loop in the middle. Feed the loose ends through the byte, and tie them off to your bound ankles somewhere, leaving yourself a few inches or more, depending on your flexibility. You're gonna want to arch your back almost as much as you can for this part 5 Then, slip your other hand through the rope around your wrist, with the how to hogtie yourself loop between them.

Should be snug, but not too tight. Finally, relax your back and legs, which will pull on the loop between your wrists, cinching it, and tightening the whole tie. You can do this all after wrapping up your chest, and gagging yourself.

Even after blindfolding yourself. It will take some doing to get the lengts of the ropes just right, but it will be worth it. Keep safety shears nearby, and you should only need to cut the rope actually hogtying. However, in all likelihood, you should just be able to arch your back, bring your wrists and ankles closer, loosening the rope, and wiggle your wrists loose.

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Hope that helps, and have fun! Saw this was your only post so far.

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I'm gonna challenge you. Take note of how the tie goes, and then write a post about it. Get your feet in the water. In the future, maybe I and others can recommend new techniques. Have fun tonight. Use them, then, if you want. Pics of the process would be great, if you can manage.

How to hogtie yourself tying myself for around 50 years now so had plenty of practice and can tie a very tight hogtie. Obviously first tie your ankles, then any other rope on the legs. I usually tie above and below the knees. Next the gag of your choice. Then I take a 12m length of rope and tie it around my arms and body. Tie it off at the front. Next I get into a kneeling position on the bed. I loop a rope around my left wrist and put my hands behind me working around first the right wrist then around both a couple of times before working it between them to cinch it.

Then I let it drop down behind me and with my fingers push it through the rope around my ankles. Depending on how much I have left I either tie it off there or work it back to the wrists and tie it off. Then it is just a matter of rolling onto my side then my stomach and everything tightens up. Make sure your escape knife is on the floor, if you have got the ropes really tight you will need it. Being on the bed it is easy to slide off onto my knees which will release some of the tension when I want to get free.

Hope this helps, enjoy. Be sure to report your. There is a distinct shortage of selfbondage tales on this site.

How to hogtie yourself

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