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I thought a few people would care about the translation, maybe a couple hundred tops, but it would be too niche or out there for people to really care. A year after it was finished, the patch for Part 1 had been downloaded more thantimes. An awesome group of people have continued the game, their SVN for patches is located here.

Marunomi : The full game Plus patch already applied is here: Mega. Fun little battle system too. Desire Dungeon — t with Dargoth. More monster girls.

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As a side note, anyone wanting to use my scripts as a base to translate them into another language has my permission. The original creators Torotoro, etc… also have my full permission to use the scripts for whatever purpose they want dargoth translation making them an official translation and charging for them, if they want. Dargoth has expressed interest in translating it, so you best follow his site and look out. Monster Girls: Violated Hero series. My favorite Eroge: Sengoku Rance. Translated by Yandere Translations. The game is as stupid as the description makes it sound.

From now on, anyone using this name is not me, and anyone posting on 4chan or other sites is not me either, even if they manage to crack the tripcode! Thanks for ing me in having fun with these games. Have a good life! Or is it? It also works standalone for just Part 3. Instructions for combining the parts are included in the readme.

Extract the. As ever, try to save at the save locations. Some people lose out on stats and achievements when they save at other locations, in addition to random crashes. Thank you to SomeLoliCatgirl again for making this. Image editing: RaidisZinny. Thank you to everyone that has always assisted with this! To those in the US, anyway. This is that post! All that remains now is bug checking and editing, which will still take quite a few hours. This will be the final progress update before I actually post about a hard patch release date.

Nearly there. Last week was very busy, and this weekend I got sucked into Hearthstone, so not as much progress as usual. Nearly there though! There are around modular scenes each with 2 or 3 choices that branch off of each scene. The other H-scenes were translated by panop from the Hongfire forums. This includes item descriptions, some config screens, and the achievement list.

Patch Information Delete all instances of patch. How does combat work? Before combat starts, go to the item screen to pick weapons to use in a fight. The items listed in the squares on the right are the items you will use in battle. When you click on an item, dargoth translation item description comes up. The top s are the offensive strength. The first is the static damage, and the second one is the potential bonus. The bottom is the defensive strength. The first is the staticand the next one is the potential bonus. There are various penalties that can apply if your character is naked.

Shalt is best with daggers and blades, so dargoth translation weapons are easier for her to use. Potions and herbs heal HP when used on defense. Unfortunately, if you cannot pass a roadblock, you need to start over or take a different route. What are these flags and flag checks?

They are important for keeping the story consistent with what your actions have been to that point. How many scenes are in the game? Around What are these strange images that pop up in Japanese every so often?

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Those are the achievements. You get them for beating certain monsters, or seeing certain scenes. Right here. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Follow: RSS. RogueTranslations Hora hora. January 2, Looking for other titles?

English: 1. Translated by Yandere Translations 3. December 5, Patch: Instructions for combining the parts are included in the readme. November 28, November 19, November 4, October 21, October 17, General FAQ about game: Q. Holy hell I game over every time. October 14, Loading Comments Name Website.

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